What is variable data printing (vdp)?

Variable Data Printing, or VDP is a type of printing that allows for unique pieces to be printed simultaneously. What makes each piece unique from the next can be as simple as customizing the name that appears on the front or as detailed as alternating the images on the piece to correspond with the industry the reader is involved in. There are three main categories of VDP: basic customization, versioning, and full customization.

VDP post card

Basic customization involves minimal differences from one piece to the next. In basic customization the name and salutation changes. No other elements including images, color, or messaging gets altered.

VDP post card

Versioning is essentially exactly what the name is! Versioning is made up of several different versions of a piece that is targeted at certain demographics. In versioning, the colors, pictures, messaging, etc. can all be different but everyone in a certain category or demographic that is predetermined will get the same piece.

VDP post card
full customization

With full customization, individual elements of the piece can be changed from one to the next. Each piece can be completely different from the next with multiple databases and criteria influencing the exact design.

VDP post card
variable data printing and PURLS

VDP can be used in combination with various other tools, including a PURL, also known as a Personalized Universal Resource Locator. PURLs are easier to think of as a personalized URL. The idea is that a potential client receives a VDP mail piece with a custom URL or QR code, then when they enter the url or scan the QR code they are brought to a landing page that is completely customized to them. The landing page can include the person’s name, special promotions, images and text that are all tailored to this person.

PURL examples
Why use Vdp and Purls?

So now that we know what VDP mailing and PURLs are, why would we chose this method over a normal mailer?

Choosing to go with a VDP mailer allows for endless customization to increase your chances of making an impression or getting a sale. In addition, VDP mailrs have shown to increase ROI. THe average mailer get a response rate of 2% while VDP mailers get an average of 6%, that’s a 300% increase!

As for PURLs it has been found that recipients are more than twice as likely to visit a PURL site versus a generic URL. In addition, PURL sites are proven to improve conversion rates, increase brand awareness, gather insights on visitors for additional marketing efforts, automatically initiate follow-up emails, and track which campaigns spark interest from customers.

Want to get your next mailing campaign started? Our design and mail experts can assist you with everything from designing VDP mailers and PURLs to putting together the perfect list of recipients!

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