Custom branded gear, such as embroidered polos and jackets, leather patch hats, screen printed shirts, and other items can be a powerful tool for companies looking to promote their brand and build a sense of unity and pride among employees. In this post, we’ll explore why investing in custom branded gear is a smart choice for companies of all sizes, and provide some statistics that demonstrate the effectiveness of this strategy.

1. Increased brand recognition

First and foremost, custom branded gear is an excellent way to increase brand recognition and visibility. By wearing clothing or accessories featuring your company’s logo or design, employees become walking billboards for your brand. This can be especially powerful at events like trade shows or conferences, where attendees are inundated with marketing messages from dozens or even hundreds of companies. Branded apparel can also be given away at events to further Increase brand visibility. A recent study by the Advertising Specialty Institute found that 85% of consumers can remember the name of a company that gave them a promotional product, and 83% of consumers are more likely to do business with a brand after receiving a promotional product from them.

2. Boost Team camaraderie with custom apparel

In addition to boosting brand recognition, custom branded gear can also help to foster a sense of camaraderie and pride among employees. When everyone is wearing the same branded apparel or accessories, it creates a sense of unity and shared purpose that can be difficult to achieve through other means. This can be especially valuable for remote or distributed teams, who may not have many opportunities to interact in person.

3. Branded Apparel has a low cost-per-impression

Of course, custom branded apparel does require an upfront investment, but the return on that investment can be significant. According to a survey by the Promotional Products Association International, the cost per impression (CPI) of promotional products is typically much lower than other forms of advertising, such as television, radio, or print ads. For example, the CPI of a promotional pen is just $0.002, while the CPI of a prime-time TV ad can be as high as $0.019. Additionally, promotional products have a longer lifespan than many other forms of advertising, with many recipients holding onto them for months or even years.

4. employee appreciation

Finally, it’s worth noting that custom branded gear can be a great way to reward employees for their hard work and dedication. By giving them high-quality clothing or accessories featuring your company’s logo or design, you’re showing them that you appreciate their contributions and value their role in your organization. This can help to boost morale, reduce turnover, and create a more positive, supportive work environment.

Branded apparel – all wrapped up

In conclusion, custom branded gear is a smart investment for companies of all sizes. By boosting brand recognition, fostering a sense of camaraderie and pride among employees, providing a low-cost form of advertising, and rewarding hardworking team members, custom branded gear can deliver a significant return on investment. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you  create custom branded gear for your company, contact us today!