Navigating your way through the variety of different social media platforms while trying to properly represent your brand can be confusing and intimidating. It’s easy to question if you are doing enough to reach optimum engagement and reach out to new audiences.

Check out a few of our quick tips to make your journey to master social media a breeze.

1. brand consistency
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We all know that every social media platform reaches a different type of audience and therefore requires slightly different approaches. However, keeping your brand’s content consistent is key to enable viewers to recognize your brand no matter where they see it.

Think about a few characteristics you want your brand to represent and incorporate those into your posts as a sense of consistency. These characteristics could be as broad as keeping all posts minimalist and simple, or it can be more narrowed down like keeping a consistent color scheme. No matter what it is, having something that is unique to your brand and is present throughout various platforms creates an opportunity for easy brand recognition.

2. know your platforms
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While consistency is key for getting your brand recognized through multiple platforms, in order to stand out from the hundreds of posts people see every day, you need to make adjustments based on audience. Various social media platforms are tailored for different audiences, knowing your audience allows you to tailor your content to that specific platform and increase views and engagement.

For example, you can post the same picture on both Instagram and Facebook, but knowing the different audiences you may decide to write a short, simple caption for the instagram post but include a lengthier more descriptive caption for the facebook post. Taking time to research social media platforms and who the primary audiences are made up of allows you to account for that and get more positive engagement.

3. view your insights regularly
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Knowing what your audience likes and dislikes is a huge way to be able to increase traffic on your pages. Look at the insights on your page and analyze why some posts do better than others. Is there a pattern with the posts that lack engagement? What kinds of things are people liking and commenting on?

Take a look at various post traits such as the time of day you post, length of captions, hashtags used, people tagged, and post content. By consistently looking at what people like and dislike you can make future decisions that will increase brand recognizability and post engagement.

4. don’t be afraid to experiment!
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If you don’t try out new things, you will never know if you could be utilizing better social media strategies. Every once in a while switch it up a bit, post a video instead of a picture, use a new color scheme, post twice in one day instead of every other day, try something new. 

Even if it does not work out in your favor,  you know for future posts what to avoid. Best case scenario you have reached an audience you wouldn’t have otherwise. People can get bored with seeing the same thing everyday so changing it up every once in a while can be very beneficial.

You’re ready to go! Using these tips and tricks you’re well on your way to making your brand stand out on any platform!

Still need some guidance or advice on getting your social platforms going? Talk to one of our experts to discuss some of our social media plans!