The look of your business card is more important than you might think! 

How your business card looks is a key component to marketing your business. You want your business card to stand out and catch the eye of your next customer or anyone who might come across it.

Your business card will quickly communicate to potential customers what your business is all about. It is also a direct reflection of yourself. 

A business card is tangible. It is something that someone can hold onto and share with others. Typical business cards include your name, job title, company name, contact details (phone number and email), your company logo, and even social media handles.

business card
1. Keep it simple

It is easy to get carried away when designing your business card. The simpler the card is to read and understand the more likely you are to gain new customers.

2. Make it legible

Font type and size really do matter! You want to pick the right font type and size that will be easy to read.

3. pick a style that best reflects your business’ personality

For example, if your business portrays a bright and fun personality you might go with a style that includes bright/fun colors and/or shapes! If your business is simple and more serious, maybe a black and white look or neutral colors would be best.

4. quality paper thickness

You want your business card to be a good enough quality that if it gets tossed in their car or purse and they find it a week later it won’t be ruined.

5. Proofreading!

Avoid mistakes by proofreading your business card or even having someone else proofread it before it goes to print!

Your business card is the first initial insight a customer will get at your business, make sure it is worth looking into! 

Here at Poor Richard’s Press we can help you design and print your next business card!