We have exciting news… It just got easier to shop from PRP with our all new Online Storefront! With over 75 years of experience delivering high quality products to the Central Coast of California, now you can shop the products you know and love from Poor Richard’s Press on any device, anywhere!

Efficiency is the name of the game in this new web storefront, with advanced features like the ability to upload or design your artwork directly on the image of the item, house your uploaded logos in your PRP Storefront account, receive a real time estimate as you adjust the item details, and store jobs in your account for an easy reorder from the click of one button. 

Consider this your expert guide to navigating and ordering online through shop.prpco.com 

Extra! Informational walkthrough videos on ordering from the PRP Online Storefront are at the bottom of this post!

1. Getting to our storefront

There are a handful of ways our storefront can be accessed, but here are 3 foolproof methods to find our online shop. 

1. Button on the top ribbon of prpco.com (our main site, where you’re reading this!) Locate the button titled “Shop Our Products”. Click the button and you will be redirected to the storefront in a new window. 

2. Scan the QR code (a quick and easy way to pull up the storefront on your phone!) Using your phone camera app, hold your phone steady pointing at the above QR code until a highlighted link titled “shop.prpco.com” shows on your phone screen. Click the link and your phones default web browser will open up to the PRP storefront.

3. Finding the link in our social media accounts and blog posts! Through our social media bio Linktree you are able to find a group of links from PRP. Locate the “Shop Our Products” link and be redirected to the storefront. Or simply keep an eye out in these company blog and social posts for linked text “shop.prpco.com” (in the light blue) and click it to be redirected. 


Welcome to the new PRP storefront homepage! Feel free to browse the available products and click around to gain familiarity. When you get to the home screen for the first time, we recommend going ahead and creating an account on the storefront site. 

Use an active email address you have access to, as the entered email address not only serves as your account username but is also the recipient address of all confirmations and communications regarding your order. Whether you are new or an existing client of PRP, creating an account on the storefront will help expedite your online ordering experience. By creating an account, you unlock access to store your logos and artwork in your library, save work in progress in the design studio, gain access to a user dashboard to view the status of your orders and see previous order details at a glance, as well as submit reorders from by the click of a button! 

3. Select an item and specify details

Once you’ve found an item you want to order, select your specifications in the item screen. As you make changes, notice that your price will change in real time reflecting the selections. Be sure to fill out all of the required fields. Each product offered on the storefront has slightly varied options, so pay attention to different dimension, color, and number of sides options where applicable. If you’re looking for something specific, you can utilize the search icon on the righthand edge of the top ribbon of the storefront site, or navigate through the dropdown categories to narrow your search. 

4.  Upload or create a design

Now that you’ve decided on an item, you can upload or create your artwork/logo in the storefront design studio. Simply locate the “Custom Design” button underneath the item details you specified. Once inside the design studio you can directly upload your png, jpg, svg, pdf and tiff files, browse a selection of premade designs, or sift through a provided clip art section. Additionally, there is a simple “Text” option within the design studio that serves as the perfect tool for adding a namedrop to promotional items. This advanced design feature allows you to adjust the sizing and location of your artwork on an image of the item. This designer studio tool is also extremely handy for testing different artwork variations on the item before making a final choice and purchasing. Once you’ve placed a logo or design you’re happy with on your item, navigate to the top right and either save your design to access later or add to cart! 

5.  Add to cart and place your order

Here’s where it gets really straightforward! Just like ordering from most other online vendors, now that your details are specified, simply select add to cart! Review your items and verify the selected quantities. Fill out the required billing and shipping information as prompted. Another perk to creating your account is that your contact and shipping information is saved within, and auto-populates at checkout each time you log in. Local pickup is an option for clients within the area, otherwise shipping rates are provided at checkout. Complete the prompted fields and submit your order! Once your order has been submitted and received by our team, you will receive an email confirmation.

6. Be on the lookout for your proof

Within 1-2 business days of placing your order, our team will upload a PDF Proof to the order in your account that requires your approval to proceed with the order. This way we can be sure to present you with the most accurate representation of how the product will look in the end. This proof will be accessible from a notification email asking you to “Review Artwork” as well as from your account dashboard on the storefront site under “My Orders”. Please carefully review the proof once received and either accept or reject the proof. There is a “Notes” field within the proof approval section to leave comments, if you are looking to make adjustments to the artwork or its placement, you can reply directly to us in that field, or contact us to make changes. Once the proof is approved your order is pushed to production.

7. Await your order completion notification

After your proof is approved you can expect our production team to have your products ready for you in 5-10 business days. You will be notified via email when your order is ready to be picked up or has been shipped!

One of the best features of the PRP online storefront is the convenience provided for locating your previous order details, package tracking and quickly reordering.

8. NOT SEEING WHAT YOU’re looking for?

Not seeing what you’re looking for? While our site is frequently being updated with the latest popular product options, we continue to offer more options in house not listed on the PRP storefront. To inquire about an item or product not found on the storefront, feel free to reach out directly to Poor Richard’s Press through either our Contact Us or Request A Quote pages. 

In conclusion

Now you have been given a quick walkthrough and are prepared to explore and order from the new PRP Online Storefront.

Experience and utilize the convenience that our storefront has to offer! Browse products and view real time estimates while brainstorming marketing collateral with your team, upload or create artwork and play with the positioning on the virtual item itself within the design studio, order hats and water bottles for the crew as soon as the idea is sparked (even if it’s outside of normal business hours), view and store logos and past jobs in your account to quickly access previous projects and reorder at the click of a button! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help!

View the informational walkthrough videos below!